Buckling up

After several cancellations and amendments to my flight I finally prepare to visit my parents for a couple of weeks. I am set to enjoy a smidgen of the sicilian summmer with all its vivid colours and looseness.

I plan to eat local delicacies, sleep, tan and read a lot, with some swimming in between and a couple adventurous trips with the friends of a lifetime. And to see my beloved parents and one of my sisters of course, which is gonna join us from Venice for a weekend.

My soul appreciates.

Ps. I am waiting Amazon to deliver an indoor irrigation system to give my room-forest a chance of survival in the meantime. 🙂

One of those moments: acknoledging my darkest fears

When I moved to the UK, almost two years ago, I was surely set for a great adventure, a long term travel that felt more like a life change and a quest for a new place to call home. Or maybe an extension of my home’s perimeter, given that I’d never give up on my roots and identity.


Identity itself is probably been the key to all my recent struggles. This transition took a lot away from me. Altough I was enthusiastic, it was a shock on so many levels at the same time. My CV suddenly wasn’t as valuable as it was before, my degree counted even less, and, understandably, I had to patiently demonstrate my qualities to the people I have been working with; It was a slow but constant process. Untill I had to swich job and I had to start all over again. To be honest this is absolutely fine for me, I know this is part of the game.

Nonetheless, the lack of any career progression and the colossal failure on my application this year, mixed with the lovely atmosphere of dullness and psycological malaise anyone can relate to at the moment, has contributed massively to undermine and shake my sense of identity.

Suddenly, or not so suddenly, I found myself out of a surgical career, in a country where I count not much more than a zero, with no job offers after August, no academic plan, a screwed up application resulting in a paralyzing fear and loss of sense of self-worth.


I am still set for a great adventure.

I know that the greatest things are waiting for me, but only if I work and believe hard enough.

I know that beyond this dullness, frustration and fear there comes a phase with plenty of passion, purpose and serenity.

If I open my mind, express gratitude, and nourish my inner potential, I feel I am as wide as the entire universe.

It’s not simply gonna be fine, it’s gonna be great, and I can’t even imagine how much, now.

I will never, never… Never give up.

Summer’s round the corner

I have got everything set for a productive day of study and work from home.

My room is really bright with sunlight and my plants are blooming with flowers and foliage in vivid colours. How cool is that?!

Let’s get to wooooork 😲 🌺

A sunny day

I went for a walk at Hobson Park at CUH a few days ago, it was the 1st of June. The air has gotten very warm these last days, seems to be full english summer as my colleagues say. It doesn’t usually last more than a couple of weeks.

I loved the walk and the sunlight, and I am trying to get as much of it as I possibly can, to make up for the long and dark winter, probably the most solitary and dull I have ever lived.

This is in the past. Now I strive towards the end of spring and the sunny season, to start again, and to live my life as a work of art. My mind will be my canvas. My actions my paint.

I will not fail, I will not surrender. I will prove myself worth.

There you have a little gallery of the pics I took. The field was bloooming with flowers, here you can see a pic of Field Camomille or Anthemis arvensis and Meadow Buttercap or Ranunculus acris); I aslo found quite a few of what I think might be Tent Caterpillars (??) coming out of their nests and foraging on the new leaves. YUM